Types of Air Coolers

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As the summers are over head, people are rushing out to buy ACs and coolers. For those who can afford to buy an air conditioner, it’s great! But for those who consider air conditioners to be way out of their budget, don’t worry, we have something for you as well. Cooler price in India are way lower than the prices of air conditioners, this is one of the main reason that makes people opt for them. For all those who need something cheaper than ACs to beat the summer heat, these coolers are the best option. They not only consume less energy, but can also offer effective cooling.

Air coolers in India are available in multiple types and capacities, and cooler price in India for all of these are different. As a consumer you have multiple different options to choose from. Out of all the different types of coolers you can buy, you should first know them all and which one can best suit your needs and purpose. Thus it is important for you to understand all its types, so that you can select the best one for you. Read on to know what the different types of air coolers available are.

There is not much that can be said about cooler price in India and its types, because there are mainly two different types of air coolers to choose from. These are personal coolers, and dessert coolers. The cooling technology across coolers is same throughout. They all make use of a water tank, a cooling fan, water pads and windows to throw air at a greater distance. The difference between these coolers comes mainly from its impact, capacity and other features which define whether a cooler is a dessert cooler or a personal cooler.

Dessert Cooler

These are the coolers that you can usually spot on places outside the houses, on windows. They are large in size, have bigger water tanks, more powerful fans, and provide better cooling. The cooler price in India for these coolers is higher, mainly because they are more effective and powerful as compared to personal coolers. These coolers make use of hot air from outside, and use it for sending cool air inside. They thus work on the principal of evaporation.

air cooler

The hot air from outside comes in contact with water pads and is converted in cold air through the high potential exhaust fan. This needs continuous flow of electricity to keep your room cool. Although these are effective, they cannot deal with humidity, as they have no provision of taking away the moisture. Cooler price in India for these is certainly cheaper than air conditioner price, but   the features provided by it are also lesser as compared to that of an air conditioner.

Personal Cooler

Dessert coolers consume a lot of water, and electricity, if you want to avoid all that water and electricity consumption, you can make use of personal coolers. These are less impactful than dessert coolers, mainly because they are smaller, portable, and less powerful. Cooler price in India for personal coolers is also lesser as compared to the price of dessert cooler. These coolers should be your choice if you need something that can be readied quickly and does not require too much of your time and energy for filling up the tank, attaching the pads, cleaning them and more.

Personal coolers although handy, do not offer a cooling impact as great as that offered by dessert coolers. These can be considered as their miniature version, which are placed within the room, and work on cooling the air inside the room. The cooler price in India for these coolers is thus the most affordable.

Verdict – Although beating the heat using coolers does not sound as the best of option, but the prices of these coolers is something that compels the users to ditch ACs and buy these instead. These coolers are usually opted by those who find air conditioners to be very expensive, which they certainly are, but they also offer greater features and a much better cooling effect. When it comes to deciding the best one among different types of coolers, dessert cooler is the clear winner. It might have a higher price, but it also offers results which are much better.


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