Traveler Guide – Choosing the Right Canon Lenses

Traveler Guide – Choosing the Right Canon Lenses

For a photographer whose studio exceeds beyond the walls, or for road warriors and jetsetters who are the life of photography, the full-frame lenses can be a key. A photographer really loves new glass & photography is like a hobby or passion — there are a lot of amazing and shiny tools that will get the job done. However, when you are traveling, it is not only about the performance, but weight, durability, and versatility. You cannot pack up everything that includes your kitchen sink. You need to choose the tools wisely & shoot simply when on the road. Thus, here is the list of best Canon lenses for travel photographers that are ready to capture & photograph the whole world.

Ultra Wide Zoom Canon Lens

The wide angle lenses can be amazing and are best for any photographer who is looking to photograph cityscapes, landscapes, or residential or hotel properties. They are good for the tight spaces and wide sweeping vistas. Also, they capture the perspective that human eye just can’t see without it. The added depth creates huge wonders if you have the appropriate FX body attached.

best Canon lenses for travel

 “Do It All” Canon Lens

This kind of lens is a middle of spectrum. Majority of the lens manufacturers just have one. It is 24 to 70mm and it is the standard one followed by all. It is quite wide enough for the landscape still it has a range to get very tight for the portraits and close up on the subject. And if I had to select one lens that I want to take on a trip, then I will choose 24-70mm. Whereas they are a bit expensive (good glass is expensive), this kind of lens is actually worth each penny.

Telephoto Lens

Having the telephoto lens in travel kit is very important. An ability to add higher reach to the camera’s focal length will be very important, particularly when you are shooting wildlife and detailed landscapes like the mountain range. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started with my 24-70mm, then switched to a 70-200mm or something higher to get tight, detailed shots that frame a beautiful section of mountain or ridgeline. Normally, I suggest 70 to 200mm because of the versatility and capability of shooting the weddings, portraits, events, and street photography without staying intrusive to others, whereas adding on a focal range for the landscape.


Thus, these three lenses must be your three amigos in the travel kit. With the ultra wide, “Do-It-All,” lens 24-70mm, as well as telephoto lens on your side, there’s nothing you cannot photograph well, so you will not have any extra lenses to weigh you down or fill up the camera bag when on the road.