Track Teams’ Workflow and Burnout Scores With Mello

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For some, keeping employees productive can be a challenge. What they probably don’t know is that there is a reason behind why the team is slacking and why they are not able to perform as expected. As their boss, it is your responsibility to know everything that is happening in the workplace. And that includes any triggers of employee burnout.

Effective Methods to Prevent Burnout

Employee Burnout should not be the reason why your company loses your best employee. Learn and detect burnout symptoms in the workplace. There are so many ways to prevent burnout in the workplace, but here are the most effective ones that you can implement in your office right now.

  • Realistic Tasks. Nothing is wrong with creating a challenging work environment for your employees. However, for them to be productive, make sure that your challenges or your tasks are realistic, especially when it comes to deadlines. Also, make sure that when adding new tasks for the team, do not forget to provide them with proper training. Some companies do refresher courses for their team. This is to make sure that every staff member is well-equipped when it comes to their work.

Track Teams' Workflow and Burnout Scores With Mello

  • Know Your Employee’s Strengths. You hired a certain person for the job because you have seen their strengths. Make sure that you remember this as you provide them with tasks. As mentioned above, healthy challenges are okay but never push your employees into something that they are not comfortable doing.
  • Follow Allowed Work Hours. Working overtime is common for everyone.  But you have to remember that too much work can cause burnout. Though it cannot be avoided that there are days that you need some of your staff members to work overtime, remember not to do it often. Never go beyond eight hours if that is their work schedule.

Tracking Employee Performance and Burnout Scores

Did you know that these days, it is so much easier to track your employees’ progress? An application called “Mello” lets you do this. It provides you with burnout scores of your staff members that can help you with employee retention, improving overall wellbeing and happiness in the workplace, and also boost employee engagement.

And unlike the regular surveys or pulse checks in the office, Mello will give you real-time insights on what to do based on the results provided. Mello ensures that you provide your team with a happier and healthier work environment. If you know that this is what your team needs right now, book a demo today at and join as they release their Beta version to selected companies.

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