Top 5 Tips to Earn More Followers on Instagram

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Knowing how to use Instagram is good. However, without followers, all their efforts are in vain, especially if you are not a professional or semi-professional. Here are five tips to get more free Instagram followers.

Think about content strategies

Regardless of whether through a graphic chart dedicated to your Instagram account or when choosing the theme of your photos, you must create a real content strategy. Examples:

Keep the same visual harmony that you publish.

 Publish only photos on the same subject (whether cats, cars, small plates or landscapes).

Share awesome quotes.

The competition? Maintain a real consistency in your Instagram posts and channels. Therefore, you can easily save your followers and earn commissions.

Use hashtags

On Instagram, you now know that you need to use hashtags. I still need to use well. This is an excellent way to make your photos visible to the most significant number of users.

There are two possible strategies: the use of popular or specific hashtags

Nothing prevents you from mixing the two approaches. In the worst-case scenario, try to see what happens. Moreover, as soon as your main hashtags are defined, save them in a different place and copy/paste in each new message, adapting it if necessary.

Sign up for powerful accounts

After establishing the general direction of your Instagram account, you will want to subscribe to the most popular Instagram users of the moment. It will bring more visibility to your publications. Since you may have the opportunity to be noticed by your followers.

Interact with your followers

If possible, find contact with your followers, even if they are not very numerous.

Did they comment on one of your photos? Like your comment and respond. Start a conversation and be interested in your answer, and so on. Go to your account, like your photos, feedback on their content.

Keep in mind that Instagram is one of the hottest social networks. Communicating with the whole world is straightforward. Your new contacts will be more inclined to share and promote your photos and, therefore, obtain new GramiLab subscribers.

Sign up for the offered accounts

This new feature has been available in France since the end of 2015. This is part of the evolution introduced by the parent company Facebook. Instagram has implemented (the same) type of algorithm.

You are probably wondering, but what is the point of subscribing to the proposed accounts? Well, this is one of the best ways to attract followers; become yourself. In most cases, if your interests match and you like your photos, the accounts you subscribe to will be registered in exchange.

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