Tips To Choose The Perfect Location For Dedicated Server

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Choosing the location of your dedicated server has a substantial impact on the performance of your website. With modern technology, servers, and high-speed internet, the geolocation of the server needs your attention. When it comes to dedicated servers like, customers demand speed, performance,and reliability. Choosing a location wouldn’t increase your costs, but it can improve the site’s performance. The closer your end users are, the quicker your pages will load.

Is Geo Location important?

According to Google, the site’s speed is one of the main ranking criteria. Faster websites offer great customer satisfaction. Slow websites are really frustrating for the end user and it can have a negative impact on your business. It’s true that more than 55% of mobile users skip a page that takes more than 5 seconds to load. So, the physical location of the server has to be closer to your audience or the target region for improved speed.

Selecting the location ofthe dedicated server

Know your target audience – Understand the traffic pattern, locate your audience and analyze the high demand location. Managing traffic with a great network and server will create a positive impact on your business. The site’s performance can be affected due to distance so, choose a dedicated server location that’s close to your audience.


Find out the data centers your hosting provider offers – You’ll get this information from their website.For example, has its servers in Seattle, Chicago, Ashburn, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Hong Kong and more.

Know the performance of the server–In this highly competitive market, there are many web host providers. However, you need to find their overall performance of their server. Read reviews and ask someone who is using it already to know more about the services.Analyze the features and ensure it’s worth paying for.

Don’t judge the data center based on location–choosing the dedicated server near yourfavorablelocation (target audience) is the best way to avoid a lot of problems. But you need to ensure it has proper infrastructure. Outdated hardware, poor provision for security and unreliablebackup may cause further problems. Besides checking the location, you need to verify the infrastructure and the facilities.

Just moving your website to a new server or location will not improve the performance and speed of your website. Look at optimizing your website, compressing the images which will save few milliseconds of loading time.

If you don’t choose the perfect location, even the best server can underperform. Your site’s speed is definitely important so, look for the right opportunity to make the right choice.

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