Tips On How To Improve Your Brand Presence On Twitter This 2019

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Twitter is a very powerful social media platform. This is the reason why more and more businesses dare and try their luck on Twitter, see if they can gain more clients and customers using the platform. Many have achieved business success using Twitter. You might be wondering now how they did it? With over 300 million Twitter users from all over the world, how did they manage to catch potential customers’ attention? If you have these questions, then this article is definitely for you.

Stop Hiding, Improve Your Brand Presence Today!

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has come a long way. It has evolved and is now one of the most powerful marketing platforms. Twitter is now used by plenty of businesses to help increase their engagement with their target audience and grow their brand. So here are some tips to help improve your brand presence on Twitter this 2019.

  • Use Twitter Chats. This is an organized conversation about a certain topic. This feature can help your business connect with its target audience as well as the key industry influencers and discuss topics and issues in real time. Twitter chats can help build your brand. Make sure that you find established chats associated with your target audience.
  • Live Videos Can Help. Just like what others do, show but don’t tell. These videos can be around 2 minutes long where you can set to automatically play if someone scrolls through the feed. Remember that shorter videos are often the best strategy when it comes to marketing. People do not have the time to spare to sit down and watch your long videos. Give them a sneak peek or a teaser of what you can offer, enough to catch their attention.

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  • Use Twitter Polls To Your Advantage. Follow what social media influencers are doing these days. If they want to know what their followers are interested to see for their content, they use polls to get the majority’s opinion. For your business page, you can use polls to get their feedback regarding your services and products. This is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience and identify topics that they want to discuss which you can use on Twitter Chat.
  • Follow The Big Names In This Industry. Some businesses focus more on getting the attention of their potential followers. What they do not understand is that it is also very important to follow industry leaders and social media influencers. In fact, you can also use a Twitter auto liker so that you will not miss out on any of their tweets. If you follow the right people, this can keep you up to date on what are the trends, news, and what interests your audience. You can curate their tweets. Retweet them with your own additional commentary. If they notice you, then there is a huge possibility that they will follow you back.

Twitter offers a wide range of opportunities for business growth. This is one of the best and the most effective ways to engage with your target audience. Appreciate what it can offer you and use it to your advantage.

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