Tips in Creating an Efficient Skype Profile

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If there is one social networking site that is good for delivering quality communication to connect with people worldwide then that should be Skype.

Basically, you are using Skype for a lot of reasons. It could be used to communicate through calls and video calls with your loved ones. Or you can also use it to communicate with workmates and to connect with your clients, anytime and anywhere.

With that said, it is more likely that you use Skype for almost every day— especially with anything that is related to work. That’s why you need to make sure that you have a professional skype profile.

Today’s blog post will be of guide on how you can utilize your Skype account and be better at using it.  For more related articles, you can also check on


Tips in Creating a Skype Profile

Using a Skype account so efficient can benefit you a lot of things. It can help you attract more clients, or even generates more leads.

Yet the most one thing you can get from Skype is that it can give you an HD quality video time with your friends and family online. That is definitely something that is awesomely done online.

Other than that, here are some ways according to, on how you can make your Skype experience a more better one.

1 Speed up your Skype voicemails

There is also Skype voicemails if you can’t attend in receiving calls. Basically, voicemails are occasionally long, some people bore out of them and just replay the important part. At Skype, you can speed up your full voicemail and slow it down and jump in and out with such simple ingenuity.

This also helps you make sure that your client gets your message in a good manner.

2 Test the quality of the voice call

Yes, you know how voice call works, but it may not always the same quality when it is used on a laptop voice call or in mobile. It is best that you check for yourself the quality of the voice call to make sure your clients and callers can better hear you on your Skype mobile or pc.


3 Sharing of powerpoint

More likely, you will soon have video cam meetings or what they call as Skype meetings. This also means you can share on their screen some files, photos, videos, portfolios, and even powerpoint.

If you still don’t know how to use it or share powerpoint, you can just share it by:

  • Clicking file,
  • Go to share,
  • Allow to present it online, and
  • Then choose Skype for Business.

4 Manage emoticon

Skype is also a social media network that has emoticons, but that does not mean you just use it whenever you feel like using it. Emoticons are there to clearly tell your emotions to someone you are chatting with, this helps them interprets your tone in your chat— whether you are mad, sad, or just ecstatic.

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