Tik Tok: A Trend That Is Here For The Stay For The Generation Z

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Every few years, there is always something new that emerges in the digital media platform. This time it is tik tok, a micro video creating an app. This app is to date one of the most prolific apps which gained popularity in a small period. Till now, almost 1.5 billion times, this app is downloaded and has reached approximately 800 million users mark till late 2019. However, this app targets a certain age group, and that is generation Z. Most of the users hail from the age category of 20 to 25. Tik tok off lates has shown great promise not only as an entertaining platform but also for showing creativity in video making and lip-syncing. One can also download tik tok videos to be shared among friends using ttsaver.com.

Huge variety

Without any doubt, tik tok is a platform that is catering to the various niche of entertainment. One can find various types of videos there, starting from comedy, traveling, food, fitness, fashion, dance, hobbies, music and singing, photography, etc. One can see that many people like to share a variety of videos out there that range in the category. This makes it fun for the video makers and for the watchers too, as makers can adapt to any particular niche and keep posting new ideas.


Quick entertainment

One of the best things about the tik tok platform is that the videos are short and crisp. The basic length of each video is 15 seconds, and one does have an option to make it up to one minute but no more. Also, there is no option to post pictures or texts simply. Therefore, one only will have to spend 15 seconds watching a single video and thus can watch several videos in a single minute. This is not just fun for the viewers, but it is quite advantageous for the businesses as well.

Be popular

If one has a talent for being creative and creating indulging videos, then the platform of tik tok can be quite useful. The tik tok videos are quite fun to watch and ones these videos get some traction, they can make one popular quite quickly. If one is in an age group of 15 to 25, then this social media platform can be a good way to become popular among the masses.

Downloading the tik tok videos

Tik tok videos are fun to watch and, if one wants to download the videos to keep them saved or for sharing them, then it’s not much that needs to be done. One can easily use a tik tok downloader like ttsaver.com for this purpose. Simply download the application, paste the tik tok video URL, and done. One can also find downloaders with add-ins that allow blocked content to be downloaded.

Final words

One may not understand what tik tok is nor may not understand why it is so popular among the generation Z, but it is quite difficult to ignore the trend. Everywhere today, one can easily find tik tok videos being posted, and it will be wrong if said that it is not fun to watch them.

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