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Options, options, and some more options. That is the dilemma that people face these days. This is called the 4-slot syndrome. This simply means, a situation where you had over a 100 options to choose from but only had the liberty o select 4 of them out the 100, what would you do? Bummer right? The brutal vice of choice, has haunted all our lives ever since we had the option to choose.It is not just omitting the ones you do not want or need and picking only 4, every single one of those 100 fit your needs and wants. That’s the catch. Take for example you only need one keyboard, to replace the outdated one for your mac. Through your google search of the Best mechanical keyboard for macs you virtually have a 100 odd sites to choose from. You only need one! At least the example prior had the luxury of 4 options, now they have been striped to just 1. Do you choose the iHome Full Size Mac keyboard, or the Apple MLA22HN/A Magic Keyboard, or maybe a Matias Mini Tactile Pro for Mac, how about a Azio MK Mac, and finally maybe the Matias Quiet Pro for Mac and that is just a few of them of the top of the list. There are more in the bunch. With such an array of designs and variations to choose from. Which one is ideal for you?

Best mechanical keyboard for macs

The Regret Of The Decision Made

Somehow the gods and luck favours you with the exact option that catches your eye, and the rest just seem to be evading your eyes, despite the better specifications. You then decide to buy them. Not so fast! There is always a catch. What do you do when your friend from a different state calls you up and gives you another set of options from a different site? As the search result of the Best mechanical keyboard  for macs did not just yield the one site that you selected from, but a variety of searches. This bunch has a lot more better options than the one you bought. Yes! Out comes regret, and it is here to stay.


Making mistakes and human error even in personal stuff, is natural and inevitable, but that does not mean you must not do thorough research and check everything from the reviews of the product you are buying, in this case a keyboard and the brand value of it.

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