The Function of the Skyscan Atomic Clock

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To set alarm setting hold the ALARM key for 2 seconds, the hour digits will be flashing on the screen. Press the + key to set the desired hour. Repeat the same process to set the minutes for the alarm to buzz. Press the ALARM key to exit or wait for 15 seconds for automatic time out. The alarm will buzz at the specified time, to stop it just press the same key once. You can activate snooze for a period of 10 minutes during alarm time.

Outdoor temperature transmitter

The outdoor temperature is calculated and transmits to the Skyscan atomic clock every minute. The updated temperature will be displayed after every 5 minutes interval. Cold temperature and weak batteries can decrease the range of transmission significantly. If the transmission of temperature data stops for any reason for 4 minutes, the display will show”_ _ _”. You should keep the atomic clock or outdoor temperature transmitter at least 6 ft. away from any electromagnetic field emitting devices like TV or computer. Do not place the receiver in vicinity of any metal frame windows as it can cause interference with the signal. Electrical devices with the same frequency (433MHz) can cause disturbance to the signal. Neighbors using electrical equipment of the same frequency can cause interference. Before everything read skyscan atomic clock manual for better understanding.

When the transmission of temperature data is smooth and flowing, do not disturb the batteries of the clock or transmitter by opening the lid of the battery cover. If by accident you take out the batteries then reset the clock. The maximum range of transmission is 82ft. (25 Meters) between the temperature transmitter placed outside and the clock inside your home. Nature of the surrounding environment and interference level can change the range of transmission.


You can wall-mount the atomic clock or place it in a table using the fold-out table stands. While wall mounting leaves a little space around 5mm from the wall for better transmission. You can mount the outdoor transmitter by using screws or adhesive tape.


Replace batteries periodically for optimal functioning. Places susceptible to sudden shock and vibration should be avoided for placing the clock as it may cause damage. Areas exposed to the sudden change of temperature like under direct sunlight, extreme cold, the moist and humid condition can cause erratic behavior of the clock. Use a soft damp cloth for cleaning the LCD and case of the clock; avoid strong detergent or immersing it in water.

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