The Demand and supply can be balanced with the business functions

The Demand and supply can be balanced with the business functions

The rapid data discovery and visibility can be provided with the supply chain software solutions of the self-service. This is required for a collaborative end-to-end planning and execution. The manufacturing can be determined correctly by determination of the trade-offs. The supply chain analytics software of the Halo’s will help the business users to understand the supply Vs demand by SKU or by the product line. The simple and intuitive interfaces are designed for the business user of the halo platform.

Planning operations and comprehensive sales:

The predictive modeling and end-to-end visibility can be achieved. The inventory levels can be anticipated and adjusted according to the current needs. The working capital costs can be improved and while managing these costs the customer satisfaction will be increased. The internet and external sources of data can be combined in order to align the metrics across the supply chain.

supply chain analytics

Better forecast for demand planning:

The relationships can be managed and comprehended easily with the dashboards and reports. The inventory can be visually and also be integrated with the marketplace engagement data. The forecasting will help to build the reliability. The demand patterns can be identified in order to prepare a demand responsive model with the visibility provided by the channels.

Supply management:

The risk and volatility are brought to the today’s supply chain due to geographic distribution and diversity. The performance of the supplier can be analyzed and each supplier can have scored as per a risk profile. The effect and cost of disruption can be mitigated and managed by providing the insights. The internal and external data sources are connected by the Halo’s supply chain software in order to foster the collaboration with the suppliers.

The changes in the supplier performance can be identified quickly due to the systematic deviations. The supply chain analytics should be kept in the hands of the business users. Each and every customer is not created to be equal. In order to deliver the appropriate level of service, the insights are required to meet the demands of the customers. With the appropriate level of quality and attention, we can easily manage the customer relationships. The orders are served with the reports on cost. The new customers should acquire without lowering costs. The demand shaping should be optimized in order to manage the customers. Increase the margins to understand the specific requirements of the customers.