The best parental control app that you never heard of

Do you know the problem with parental control apps these days? It’s just too many to choose from and the problem starts in finding the app. It’s too tasking and time-consuming that most parents just give up on this.

There are great parental control apps that are just waiting to be downloaded; the problem is that it’s mixed with the bad. But the good thing here is that you stumbled in this article and that is good because this article won’t give you tips on how to find a good parental control app (you did that already several times and failed) nor even give you a few selections of apps that you still need to download each and discover on your own what works for you, you will only know only one app here and it’s called Kidgy from The great parental control app that you never heard before that will be perfect for you and your kid.

SMS monitoring: No need to be the bad parent/killjoy and get the phone from your kid, with Kidgy these messages will be sent to you as well. This convenience can give you the information that you need if your kid does have some plans in taking over the universe. The downside is that if your kid has the plan to surprise you on mother’s day or on your birthday, you will know it and the element of surprise will be gone (but just pretend that you’re surprised).


GPS: If your kid plans to skip school you will know, if they are a good kid by staying at school you will know as well. The best thing about GPS is the GPS itself that can make you feel at ease knowing that your kid is safe.


Geofencing: Is like a perimeter wall but only digital, if you kid crosses that perimeter you will know and you can act accordingly. The best use of this is that it gives you that information on where your kid is going which is one of the strengths of this app.


Panic button: If you kid wandered in a place that they are not familiar of they can press that panic button in order for the app to send you your kid’s exact location in order to locate them immediately.

Block apps: Not necessarily block apps but gives you the information what apps are being installed and currently installed in your kids’ device. With this, you can be sure that your kids only have the apps that are appropriate for them to use.


Block calls: If there are unknown numbers calling your kid, you will know it straight away in order for you to track it and report it if you feel that it’s something suspicious. Nobody messes with your kids and this app can surely help you with that.


Internet filter: Tired of always opening the history on browsers that your kids are using to know the websites that they are visiting? How about just block suspicious ones with Kidgy instead? That simple!