Latest Trends that Every Web Development Service Company Should Follow

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Every New Year comes with lots of new things, so same happens with technology. Since technology is advancing at the high velocity, so demand of the users are also raising at a great speed. Technology users demand some new features and specifications always and always. Therefore, technology has to come forward with lots of new things every year. Since there is a great competition among the businesses, thus every business requires a website to make their presence online on the internet. The website is a basic need for every business nowadays. The web developers are always in search of new developments and features to be added to the website. This write-up discusses the latest web development that every web development company India should implement to advance the technology.

New web development trends to be followed by every Web development company in India:

  1. Increased use of Animation:

To enhance the websites to a great extent, it is essential to make more use of animation as it has the capability to make an interesting and entertaining experience for the visitors. GIFs animations are in a great use and are widely used in various platforms nowadays. GIFs are used for drawing an attention of the visitors towards some specific product like how to use the product, product experience, etc. Apart from the use of GIF, various other animations like hover animations, navigation and menus, motion animation, background animations are also used widely.

  1. Use layouts to Shine Content:

As it has been discovered that people usually pay interest towards the content on the website, therefore a website should have layouts that could shine the content in a proper manner. It is said that content is like a meat on the bones of the website. Therefore, it is becoming essential to present the content on the website in a delightful and intuitive manner.

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  1. Big and Bold Type:

As web development world has come to the agreement that more emphasis should be put on the content, so websites must feature big and bold statements. Big and bold statements never mean the weight or size of the font, but it means that there should be a bold and big statement on every page that encompasses about the specific product or service in a proper manner.

  1. Responsive Web Design:

Responsive web design has gained a lot of popularity in last few years. The responsive web design will continue to be in use for coming many years. Since everyone usually accesses the smartphones to access the websites, therefore a website needs to be responsive to give the same look and feel on the mobile phone as it seems to give on the desktop computer.

  1. Minimalistic Web Design:

Minimalistic web design is taking its entry in 2017 that makes a web page look attractive than earlier as it makes it possible to present the website as the card instead of showing the earlier homepage’s look and feel. Netflix is a great example of this new trend of minimalistic web design that starts with using cards on the main web page.

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