How to Manage Employee Resistance By Time Tracking Software

In today’s fast growing business world, one administrative staff and one accounting staff is just not enough to handle the work like collecting daily report, giving salary to an employee, or to keeping track of the staffs present in the organization. All the above-listed activities require time and manpower to execute properly. For better management of these activities, a time tracking software is implemented in corporate offices.

The time tracking software keeps the track of time spent on different projects and assignments, and enables you to bill your clients on the hour bases. If you are not considering charging the clients by the hour, Time tracking software will keep the history sheet about how much time was spent on a specific project.


Resistance by Employees in Using Time Management Software

It is considered as a key tool for eliminating many of the transactional and manual activities related to payrolls. The surveys organized by many payroll organizations concluded that about 7 minutes is spent in entering each employee’s timesheet and much more time are being wasted in tracking late submissions or fixing timesheet errors. It has been known that the people are resistant to time tracking for various reasons like they find it tedious to watch the clock and report their hours. They also believe that the time management software is not easy to use.

The time tracking software has been improving to provide good user experience by the implementation of new cloud-based solutions which will make access and use effortlessly than ever. There are many tracking software that also comes as mobile apps which allow logging in or out over a Smartphone or other mobile device from any location. Time tracking software’s interface is becoming friendlier, but despite all these changes and developments, employees are still resistant to it.

Ways to Overcome Resistance by Employee

The employee resistance can be overcome by implementation of some of the additional tactics like educating them about the importance of these software, sending e-mail reminders, accounting for time spent on projects and by providing incentives in the form of bonuses. Without good tracking software, it is difficult to get paid for every minute you spent on your work. There are some clients who demand to see the list of time spent on various projects and assignments before they approve a check in your name.

It is important for employees to understand that the livelihood of the company and employees working in it depends on complete time tracking and management. Imprecise time tracking will always lead to pointless overtime, bad planning, exceeding the budget or in the end, cancellation of the project. Time tracking software solutions also come with automated email reminders for users to fill out and submit the timesheets before the deadline.

Keeping track of time spent by people on various tasks encourages productivity and is also used for employee’s reviews. If employees know that a time tracking software will be used in their evaluations, they’ll be motivated to fill their timesheets more accurately. Bonuses or other perks as incentives or any healthy competition among office staffs provide a positive way for enforcing consistency.