Singapore Business Are Now Taking Facebook Marketing to the Next Level

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In highly progressive countries like Singapore, competition can be very stiff.

That being said, business owners are constantly in the lookout for effective ways to make their mark and get ahead of the pack.

And since Facebook marketing has become an integral part of mostdigital marketing effort nowadays, they are also looking for ways to use it to take their campaigns to the next level.

Below are some of the ways businesses in Singapore are taking Facebook marketing to a whole new level:

Building the E-mail List

No doubt about it, a new subscriber to the e-mail beats a Facebook “like” any given Sunday.

If you are not using your Facebook page to capture e-mails, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

Take this into account: e-mails you get are delivered and often acknowledged, whereas only a measly 16 percent of your followers will get to read the status updates you post.

However, e-mail opt-in forms sans a lead magnet can be likened to a car without an engine.

In other words, to get the results you desire, you have to create and give away something enticing to as many people as possible in exchange for their subscriptions.

Showing Social Proof

Understandably, you can’t expect everything you post to go viral each and every time.

However, the good thing is you can adapt ways to ensure any content you post can get as much exposure as possible.

For starters, aim to join as many relevant groups in your industry/niche as possible.

Since most groups will require approval, it will likely take time before you get approved but you’ll likely get free exposure, more likes, comments, and shares once you get accepted.

Facebook Marketing

Using the CTA Buttons

In 2014, the call-to-action button has been introduced.

Primarily, the CTA button is designed to the most relevant objectives of the brand to the forefront.

Taking into account the importance of the CTA buttons, it would be wise to have an apt CTA button especially for first time visitors of your page.

Currently, there are seven call-to-action buttons to choose from:

  • Play Game
  • Book Now
  • Use App
  • Sign Up
  • Contact Us
  • Watch Video
  • Shop Now

Studying Negative Feedbacks

In some cases, knowing what your target audience likes would not suffice.

While unknown to many, knowing what the target audience does not want can make help make the marketing campaign even more potent.

Insight into the things and aspects the audience does not like can help you significantly improve your offerings in the future.

When you access Facebook Insights, you would gain access to 4 types of negative feedbacks:

  • Unlike page
  • Hide post
  • Hide all posts
  • Report page as spam

Analyzing the negative feedback can help you effortlessly determine the post types audiences will hide more often or perceive as spam.

From there, you can easily identify patterns that can help you determine the language use, post types, and themes that your audience prefers.

Using Dark Posts

In essence, dark posting is publishing a post that will not appear on the timeline of the page.

Simply put, dark posts are only viewable to selected audiences of the brand’s choosing.

Why is dark posting beneficial?

For one, it can help with split testing.

Since you will be creating and posting three to four variations of a particular content, you can easily identify which type performs best without having to flood the timeline with all the variations you created.

To find this tool, users will just have to click on Power Editor located in the left column of the Facebook Ads Manger.

From there, you can find the option to click on Download to Power Editor so you will be able to download the accounts you would like to manage.


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