Mobile Video Conference for a Globally Distributed Workforce

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Video conferencing as a technology has come a long way in recent years. Since the introduction of video conferencing in the business world, it has gained prominence from all corners. Now, you can hold conferences with a large number of people at any given time. However, like any other technology solution, video conferencing has its own limitations. It is quite difficult to connect individual in areas where resources are not readily available. However, the increase in the popularity of Smartphone, as well as advancements in associated technologies, has brought with it the perfect solution to this problem.

Mobile video conference does not only improve productivity but also increased employee engagement. This solution has further enhanced employer-employee relationship. In addition to that, employees from different parts of the world can interact as if everybody is present in the same room. With just the press of a button, you can communicate with your employees via mobile devices. What’s more, mobile video conference does not require participants to use specific make and model of Smartphones. Remarkably, it allows for personal preference.

So why consider mobile video conferencing for your business.


Small businesses are looking for ways to cut down costs and utilize capital in the most efficient way. Mobile video conference simplifies a lot of time-consuming activities. It reduces travel time and cost of transportation. You don’t have to do a lot of paperwork or even spend extra money on meals unlike traditional meetings. Moreover, it makes interviewing potential candidates for recruitment easier.

Work anywhere

Mobile video conference offers you more time to speak with your employees, business partners or client on the go. Even if you are not within the office environment, you can accommodate your client and employees instantly. For big businesses with branches in many different locations, mobile video conferencing will be helpful in conducting meetings with managers at different branches. Through this platform, you get updated information about certain work

Immediate response

Mobile video conferences have made communications a lot easier. You will get to know opinions and suggestions directly from the person you are talking to. Being able to look at the reactions and expressions of the person you are talking to proves helpful when trying to attract a potential client or probably win back an unsatisfied customer. Mobile video conference makes it possible to give an immediate response to any complaints or suggestions whether verbal or non-verbal.

Nowadays, owning a mobile device is a necessity. It is somewhat impossible to go

out without your mobile device. Asides from its personal use, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have help businesses of all size to increase productivity and grow in all ramifications. It catapults the business into a more competitive state. The rising popularity of mobile video conferencing, as well as the availability of cloud-based video conferencing service, has made connecting to individuals in all part of the world easy. All you need is a good internet connection, a mobile device with a high-quality camera, and speakers.


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