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This is the era of internet and people all over the world are getting heavily dependent on it due to its massive advantages. There are innumerable websites available once we avail the internet just with a click, we can get information regarding anything under the Sun. It is used for the purpose of enhancing knowledge, gathering information and entertainment too. One of the most popular video sites present on the internet is YouTube. It was founded in the year 2005 and is owned by Google. YouTube has been extremely popular right from its inception and this is why it is available in most of the countries and in more than fifty languages.

YouTube offers a wide range of uses for everyone. It is very interesting to note that a very less was spent on its marketing which signifies that the product spoke for itself. Every kind of videos is available on YouTube be it learning videos, comedy, action, marketing, entertainment and much more. If you like any video, you can avail the option of YouTube download and see that video later according to your convenience. In the case of business, this website can market your product and keep the prospective buyers updated with new information at a comparatively low cost.

Keep your favorite videos safe and secure

YouTube is basically an internet version of television in the prevailing century. The unfortunate thing is it was only designed to let the viewers watch the videos. Downloading your selected video turns out to be a difficult task. Thankfully, websites were created in order to help you save your favorite videos. You can download your selected videos and save it in cloud storage and access it from any device. Cloud storage is a wonderful service model that has been created in order to manage, maintain and backup your data.

You have to follow a procedure so as to save your selected date in the cloud storage. First of all, you have to get yourself registered for the service and all you need to do is give your email id, get it verify and you are set to explore it. Once your account has been created, you can save the cloud storage as an extension to your internet browser. The next step that you need to follow is to copy the URL and paste it to the downloader. Once you are done with the download, you have to select the ‘save to cloud’ option.

Attractive features to look out for

Cloud storage is filled with amazing features. Once the youtube download is done the role of cloud storage begins. One of its features is it has no speed limit and it resolves all the speed related issues as its efficiency is rapid. Another feature is it notifies you of any changes that in made in the account and enables an instant access to any document needed to access in real-time. It gets perfectly synced to all the devices. One of the most important features is it has no size limit. Huge files can be stored in the cloud stored without any concern.

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