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VoIP telephone systems. What are VoIP phone systems and why you should be interested in these phone systems are the topics of this article. These phone systems are standard phone systems for handling calls to and from your business. VoIP in VoIP telephone systems stands for voice over internet protocol, and this is what makes these phone systems special.

These phone systems use your company’s Internet service to make calls to and from your company. Unlike dedicated phone lines, these phone systems use the Internet lines that every business must have these days. This saves money on having a separate set of lines for the company and can also save on maintenance since you don’t have to keep two lines in operation at all times. Internet service is reliable these days, and VoIP services are a way to take advantage of this service in added value. Each voice call is converted to digital format and transmitted like any other data on the Internet. The digital signal is saved at the other end to provide a crystal clear voice call to your customers.

By scanning each call, VoIP phone systems can handle many simultaneous calls over a minimum number of phone lines. Indeed, a phone line represents only part of the bandwidth of your Internet service, so it is easy to allocate more bandwidth when more calls come or go. This is just one of the many benefits of VoIP services.

VoIP phone

A great advantage for a growing business is that a new business location can be included in your phone system without adding additional lines. Since each of your work phones is connected to customers over the Internet, your other business location is connected the same way. VoIP telephone systems can see the new location as quickly as any phone in your main office, so it considers the latest phones to be part of the same network. This means that customers will not be asked for a new phone number for the new office. And the new office extensions are just as accessible as any extension to the main office, so you can reach new employees without having to make an outside call.

A nice feature of VoIP telephone systems is the ability to attach voicemail to email. Because each call is already in digital format, it’s easy to store a call in a file, which can then be attached to an email. This provides an additional means of communicating with customers. Regular voicemail is also available.

A unique feature of VoIP telephone systems is monitoring the system from a computer in your business. Although you would expect the system to work correctly, you may want to know where the calls are coming from and when your phone network is at peak usage. This would be very useful if you need to staff a call center in your business, as you can learn that most calls come at a particular time of the day or a specific day of the week. And when you launch marketing campaigns, you will want to know the effect on your business. Monitoring the volume of calls and where the calls come from will facilitate this effort.

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