Influence of Technology on Adolescents

In essence, technological advances and their influence in life are things that we cannot avoid. However, we can take wise actions towards ourselves, our families and the wider community so that these increasingly powerful technological advances do not shift our identity as human beings with norms. However, as members of society, and especially as parents, we must make a selection of technological advancements, so that as much as possible we can prevent the negative influence of technology on children, especially adolescents who are the golden generation who will continue our struggle to form a nation that has character and culture in Indonesia. future.

Buy iPhone 12 It turns out that in addition to influencing daily life styles, cellphones can also interfere with health for its users. We can know from research scientists about the dangers of using cellphones. The US expert said that we should avoid 6 bad habits of using cellphones and there are 8 types of cellphone users that should be avoided.

 Related experts point out 6 bad habits of using cellphones that are detrimental to health include:

  1. Hanging the cellphone around the neck or waist. For those with Arrhythmia (no heart rhythm), the function of the heart is not perfect should not hang the cellphone on the chest. If the cellphone is hung on the waist or the side of the stomach, it may affect the fertility function. A safer and healthier way is to store it in a carry-on bag. 2. Put your cellphone to your ear when calling. When calling and not connecting, the radiation will get stronger, so it’s best to keep the cellphone away from the head, 5 seconds later, then call it again.
  2. Cellphone signal gets weaker when stuck to the ear. Based on the working principle of cellphones, in a slightly weak signal condition, cellphones will automatically increase the power of electromagnetic waves, so that the radiation intensity gets stronger. By attaching it to the ear, the radiation experienced by the head will be doubled.
  3. Cellphone conversations are too long. Experts suggest that it is not good to keep the phone in touch for too long, if you can consider using a fixed telephone or using a hearing aid, if you have to be in contact with a cellphone for a long period of time you must also listen alternately on the left and right ear 1-2 minutes.
  4. Hide in a corner of the wall and receive whispered secret calls. By hiding in a corner of a building in general conditions, the signal closure in the corner of the building is not very good, so that it can cause the cellphone radiation power in certain angles to increase. 6. Pacing (always moving). Some people subconsciously like to walk slowly while on the phone, always moving here and there, but not realizing that moving the position can cause instability in the received signal, thereby causing unnecessary high-power flashes in a short period of time. In addition, the following 8 types of people should reduce the use of cellphones: (1) epilepsy, (2) heart disease, (4) severe nervous weakness, (5) cataracts, (6) diabetes, (7) pregnant and lactating women, ( 8) Children, (9) Parents over 60 years old