How To Update Your Google My Business Profile?

In the present digital world, your Google My Business profile forms an essential part of the marketing mix. It is the first thing your audience notices when they search online for your business.

So, what is Google My Business? Google enables businesses to create their Google My Business profile to help them connect better to their customers. However, if you fail to create your own Google My Business profile, Google will produce an auto-generated version.

It is essential to claim and update your Google My Business profile as it appears on the results page of Google, Google Maps, and several other online places. This listing will contain multiple information including a Google Map of your business’s location, reviews, address, website URL, business hours, photos, and more. So, here are steps to update your Google business profile:-

Steps to edit and update your google my business profile?

Business functions in a dynamic environment that are subjected to continuous changes. You may move offices or change your business hours. Regular updates will boost your SEO strategies and ensure a better connection with your potential customers. You can update the following information on your Google My Business profile:-

    • Physical address (You are required to undergo the verification process again before Google confirms your new address)
    • Business hours
    • Phone number
    • Website
  • Business category
  • Add new businesses

However, information like business descriptions, business keywords, or summaries from the web that usually appear next to your company isn’t editable. Now let’s dive into how to update your Google business profile:-

  • Log into your Google My Business listing
  • Choose the web pages you want to manage
  • If you have multiple business locations, choose the locations that you want to update
  • Go to the menu and click on ‘Info’
  • Click on the section that you wish to edit and update
  • Enter the modified information
  • If you wish to remove a particular section, you need to click on the ‘X’ symbol next to it
  • Click on ‘Done Editing’

It may take up to two months to update any changes or delete data that you have previously entered. Moreover, you will get an email notification when anyone suggests any edit or change to your Google My Business profile.

Businesses need to get acquainted with ‘Google My Business’ to keep their marketing practices SEO-friendly. After creating your Google My Business profile it is essential to regularly update all necessary information. The process to edit or update any information on your Google My Business profile is quite easy. However, the update may take a maximum of 60 days to show on your people.