How To Select The Best Email Marketing Platform

Reaching out to customers to tell them your story and sell your services has never been so easy. Email marketing ranks top of the best and most affordable ways that have come to streamline the otherwise costly and complex process of marketing business and brands. The good thing with email marketing is that it helps you reach targeted customers easily and build relationships without having to do the input work manually. If you plan on adding email marketing to your marketing campaigns, here are things you should consider to pick the best email marketing platform.

Flexibility and Integration

Customer relationship management software is every digital marketer’s best tool. No single internet marketer who is serious about the success of their marketing campaigns will lack this crucial tool. It enables you to customize your marketing strategies and minimize manual data input. Sending emails and updating email lists have proven to be very tiresome. That’s why you should look for a good email marketing platform that integrates well with your customer relationship management system to deliver hassle-free management of email campaigns.

Viewing and Reading Options

It’s the digital era and almost everyone uses their smartphones for doing most online stuff-checking emails included. The largest percent of the world populace check their emails using their smartphones. For you to increase views and clicks, you have to get email marketing software that allows the creation of mobile-friendly emails. Ensure that the software you choose has mobile-optimized templates.


Performance Statistics

If you cannot track the performance of your email marketing campaign, it will be impossible to know where you are doing it all wrong for you to increase make adjustments. For your email marketing campaign to be a success, you need the best email marketing platform that provides you with real-time and accurate statistics indicating the number of emails sent, opened, lists, start and end dates, link tracking, and much more. If you are not tech-savvy, consider getting software that presents such information visually either in form of diagrams or readable data.

Ease Of Use

You need software you can set up and effectively manage yourself. It is unrealistic to choose a platform you or any other party in your business cannot operate. You will save great amounts of money and earn real profits if you only choose a platform you can personally run. This is because you will not need to pay someone to manage it for you and spend lots of time and money on training.


The cost of the email marketing software you wish to sign up for is another important thing that cannot be overlooked. You shouldn’t go for the platform that has so many features you won’t be using as this will cost you more. It is better to opt for a low-priced system that has fewer features and upgrade when the time is due. Don’t be tempted to opt for low-priced software which has fewer features if your business is massively growing and you will need those features. You must be very realistic when deciding which software to consider and never allow emotions to control the better part of you.