How Restaurants Can Succeed Using Digital Marketing? Let Them Taste Your Success

digital marketing

It is the undeniable truth that social media is an integral part of the society. Particularly, digital marketing for restaurants is the need of the hour and companies that make use of this asset become the most sought-after one in their own fields.

With all the advancement in online food delivery services, there are hardly any who come to use the “traditional” way of coming to the restaurant. So to all the restaurant owners, it’s your lucky day because we are here with a solution.

#Step1: Ask yourself if owning a restaurant is your calling in life.

#Step2: That was a joke. The real solution is to digital market your restaurant.

#Step3: Then, ask yourself how to market restaurants.

#Step4: Come to Let’s Goo social because we are the best digital marketing agency for restaurants

But if you wanna do it alone, we’ll give you some free advice and help you out with 10 ways on how you can make your social media presence more lasting and impressionable.


To put it bluntly, that’s just it. The more catchy and attractive your content is, the more people see your profile. Sharing interesting things about restaurants and even your own special dishes or funny stories.

Anything that seems interesting enough to share. Do it. Unless you have a bad sense of humour (And if you did, you would know by now), you don’t have to worry about anything.

Do it diligently. It is a way of keeping your audience engaged with what you do. With discounts and offers, you would have your share of loyal followers in no time.


Style is everything. Literally. So make sure you got your own. One of the restaurant digital marketing strategies includes “Branding”. In layman terms, giving your brand a name and through that making your restaurant become famous is what branding is. Find your style or a theme that would go well with your restaurant.

For example, you are a cupcake shop named “Castle Cakes”, make your whole content and the ambiance of your profile revolve around that name. Using knights, sugar princesses and kings and dragons. There are so many variations.

You can also make your content for the restaurant go with the current marketing ideas and trends.


On Facebook, make your restaurant a place where they can “Check-in”. One of the important strategies in digital marketing of restaurants is that it’s a place where people can boast about and put pictures tagging the location.

This is a bonus for you since it can help you reach far more people than usual. And it works just like reviews and ratings. But the only advantage is that It helps you reach the wider audience.


One more thing on the growing lists of “Make sure” is putting your menu on Facebook under a tab.

This is to make sure that it is made accessible and easy to find wherever visitors are trying to finding you. By posting about a new item on Facebook and then linking to the Facebook Page Tab, restaurants can draw in fans and visitors to their Facebook page.


The best way to maintain engagement in your post is to ask for feedback. And also replying to them. But the interaction must be done right, because there will be negative comments too. This goes a long way in earning trust and loyalty from your customers.

And after, simply boast about how you had regally responded to the haters or the lovers (aka the ones who gave you sweet words of praises). So the fans and followers know you are an active and enthusiastic resto owner


Twitter is most likely gonna bring you into the trending list. Use it to announce new menus. Instagram can help you put mouth-watering pics of dishes.

A special video of your signature dish, updated menu, a walk around your restaurant are just a few digital marketing ideas that could help you keep your followers craving for your food every day.


Social alertness is your best friend. Catch on what trends and go with that flow. Follow various restaurants and blogs on foods. Sharing posts on food and new trends in it will earn you some brownie points.


Pictures convey things that you cannot by simple text posts. Use that to your advantage and posts cute and extraordinary pictures of your dish.

Aesthetics is important when you post pics of food. So make use, because restaurants can have a strong presence among its followers through these pictures.

Make sure to post photos that tell stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.


Enable an easy sharing of information from your website. Use tools that can easily add social sharing buttons to each page and blog post!

Be sure to add your Facebook Page “Like us on Facebook” box to your website, as well as relevant buttons including “Follow us on Twitter” and more!


Deals and contests can create engagement and attract visitors. But converting visitors to email subscribers can be done by “Gift Vouchers” or coupons. This will also help in gaining short-term attention and long-term marketing goals. Offer coupons on Facebook & Instagram is also a great way to let more people engage with your restaurant and increase awareness too.

Utilize this to capture email addresses so your restaurant can then drip market to these folks over time to build further awareness, interest and loyalty.

That’s it! Now you have 10 foolproof ways to make your restaurant the most talked about in months.