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Printed Circuit Board or PCB is surely a very technical name that you do not want to remember, however, your smartphone, your television, and your computer will be useless without a printed circuit board installed to it.

In fact, the majority of the electronic appliances and devices in your home contains a printed circuit board of different types. Printed circuit boards can be found anywhere, from computers, your printer, televisions, stereo components, your musical instruments, amplifiers, digital clocks, microwave ovens, synthesizers, smartphones, laptop computers, and tablets Image.

It is a very useful computer component. It serves as the motherboard of your computer. If you were taught some basic computer components during your computer class, the motherboard of your computer is the main printed circuit board. The usually printed circuit board are usually small and medium-sized, just imagine the motherboard as the huge version of it. Other circuit boards that are the same as PCB’s are power supply, random access memory (RAM) stick, and a graphics card of a computer, just like what is mentioned above a PCB has different shapes, and sizes.

If you are doing a research about printed circuit boards or PCB’s then, you came to the perfect post, because detailed below are the most notable applications of this piece of electronic component that provides power and functionality to every electronic device that people used today.

printed circuit board

  • Medical devices- Electronics contributed a lot in the healthcare industry by providing accurate diagnostics, treatment procedures, and close monitoring using different electronic healthcare devices where printed circuit boards are applied to it for medical application purposes. As the technology in the healthcare industry gets more advanced, the piece of electronic component responsible for it are PCB’s.
  • Consumer Electronics-Regardless if you are using a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or a smartphone, there is a printed circuit board installed inside it and it is responsible why it functions optimally and normally. A lot of home appliances nowadays have their own PCB’s inside it. Because of the great demand of consumer electronics, the amount of PCB’s that are produced to control it has to be equal in quantity. These high-volume PCB’s also have a low per-unit cost which keeps the price of the end-product relatively affordable.
  • Industrial applications- Even in different industries, PCB’s can be commonly found in heavy-duty equipment and machinery. These electronic components control the main mechanism and function of these pieces of heavy equipment and machinery that are found in factories and manufacturing facilities to produce more products with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Automotive applications- If you would have noticed, the majority of the cars that are manufactured in the past few years are incorporated with computer systems inside it. Thanks to PCB’s cars nowadays have electronic circuits in its system which makes it easier for drivers to drive safely, use its features conveniently, and in the future, it will enable auto-pilot mode as electronics continue to innovate in a rapid pace. Electronic circuits before were only applied to a car’s headlight switches and windshield wipers, but nowadays, it has exceeded its initial purpose tremendously.

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