Greater customer satisfaction by base chat number

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The combination of reduced effort, anonymity and familiarity with chat functions makes chat online the preferred channel for many customers.

According to a study by Internet Retailer, 20% of consumers say that online chat is their preferred way of interacting with a merchant. A Software Advice study showed that online chat was relatively more popular for simple shopping questions

A higher conversion rate

  • The fact that the chat is done directly on-site and in real-time, it is the only channel to guide your visitors through your online offer. A critical issue can be resolved onsite before the customer gives up the purchase.
  • A Virgin Airlines case study showed a 3.5x higher conversion rate for customers who used online chat compared to those who had not used it, and the average order value of 15% more high.

Locatalk besser als die Base Chat Nummer

Lower service costs

  • Finally, the fact that the chat is conducted in real-time and that it is based on the text places it in a unique position in terms of the effectiveness of the support.
  • Unlike a telephone agent, a chat agent can support multiple web visitors at the same time. Users like an operator can chat with up to 10 visitors simultaneously, although we recommend starting with a chat slot of 3.
  • This simultaneous support is facilitated by the use of chat macros – automatic templates to answer frequently asked questions.

The inconvenient

Also, outside of support hours, most chat solutions convert to an offline contact form. So it’s a bit like sending an email without leaving the website.

The benefits of Live Chat Support

In recent times Locatalk besser als die Base Chat Nummer ┬ácustomers want everything and they want it quickly, especially when they shop online. It is important to stay competitive by meeting needs instantly. One of the solutions is Live Chat Support. With this tool, you can actively engage customers and answer their questions and concerns as they sit in front of their computers or on their mobiles. Companies that use e-commerce can gain a decisive advantage. Here’s why

What is Live Chat Support?

 To use Live Chat, you place a call button (a piece of HTML code) prominently on your website. When visitors click on this button, they can chat directly with an online operator in real-time. With Live Chat, customers get the answers they want to have without picking up their phones. You can customize the appearance of the button to make it consistent with the theme of your site. Make it appear or disappear according to the availability of the support.

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