Evolution of Technology and its Guidance towards the File Sharing Services

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In the olden days, creating, editing, and maintaining documents has been done manually. Each document may depend on the more services. Because of this manual work, the process took more time to complete the job.

Technology Exploration

After the technology and computer exploration, the document-oriented process became easy and was a less time-consuming one. Further, the evolution of the internet and email in the field of computers transferring documents from one place to another place become so easy, with one click can transfer immediately.Generally, documents that are made with the help of a computer contain text, images, and sometimes even videos. Based on the type of content available in the file the size may vary. More images and videos will increase the file size. This email facility has a certain limit in transferring the files associated with the file size. If the size of the files is more then it will not permit to transfer. Hence the demand for alternate sources was expected. Later, this demand was compromised by the development of web hosting services.

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Evolution of Web Hosting

A lot of web hosting services are available to transfer larger files. It provides more convenience to the user to transfer the files with easy options. The process is very easy in this, the users need to upload the files that they want to transfer using the option called “upload file”. Once successfully uploaded the file, the hosting service will create and provide the link to the users. This generated link is sharable and the users can share this link where they want. The receiver can download the file(s) by simply clicking on the link. Rapidshare.com, mediafire.com, fileshare.com, etc. are some of the sites providing the service of transferring the files. Each of these sites has its own limit of storing and sharing files. Mediafire provides extended services with this, where provide a maximum limit for storing and sharing the files. The users need to read all the details of the service providers because some of the sites will automatically delete the files stored in that if there is no sharing taking place. If the users need to store and share very large files then they may get the services that offerlargersizes.

Rise of Cloud System

Recent advancements direct the service towards the cloud system, where the presence of a file upload download facility makes the processof the store and transferring the files easily.  Mostly the user may find this facility with the email service provider itself.

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