Dealing with the problem of paper jam while printing

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No doubt that printer can be a life saver for most of the times when you need to print the documents or logos on urgent basis. After all, a device is one human made technology and that s why it can be an error free product. Talking of which one of the common problems that you might be facing is the paper jam while printing. Possibly this is the main reason why you are here to understand the right way if dealing with it.

Generally when the paper gets jammed, people remove it and reprint the document against keeping the same loop of jamming.  Mostly such problem occurs when almost the printing gets finished. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed without putting much efforts or causing any kind of damage to your computer. Take a look at some of the important tips that might help you with the same.


Important Tips to get the jammed paper out from the printer

  • The first thing you can do is check the printer thoroughly. For this, you need to open the cover of the printer and see if you can notice the reason because of which the papers gets stuck frequently. This can make it easy for you to pull the problem quickly.
  • If the papers has already got jammed ten you need to take out all the stacked papers in the paper tray and slowly pull the jammed on the same direction as that of your printer prints.
  • Be careful while applying the force on the paper otherwise it can tear and harm your printer too. In such case, follow the instructions carefully and make sure that you rotate the printer roller so that you can easily take of the sheet. Avoid using any kind of tools such as screwdriver as it will increase the risk of more damage to your computer.
  • Then comes the common part that is to turn off your printer and restart it again. At this time, it is important to be sure that your printer cover is closed. If the problem still occurs then it is better to call a technician to get the problem fixed.

Important tips on preventing the jamming problem:

  • Avoid stacking too many sheets in the paper tray otherwise it may stick to each other and the printer will take more than one sheet at a time.
  • Also, make sure that the pack of papers is stored in a cool and dry place as excess humidity can make the paper stick
  • Make sure that paper tray is well aligned as a wrong size of paper increases the chance of jam.

Other than the above mentioned tips, always upgrade your device with better software. Make sure you clean the printer on regular basis as too much accumulation of dirt can also increase the stack problem. Make sure you go through the instructions as directed in the manual book and follow the right way of putting the paper in the device.

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