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Secure Your Website from Third Party

Every transaction is now online. You can purchase various stuff on online e-commerce sites, like clothes, shoes, foods, and many more. Even you can order your transportation vehicle from your finger. The evolution of trading system involves massive transactions that require customer data privacy for the payment. Several payment options might be through credit card, online bank transfer, e-wallet, and Bitcoin.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides a technology to encrypt the link between a browser and a web server. You can contact DigitalServer for some option of SSL certificates in Mexico. In most cases, there are three types of product selection. This article delivers you a brief explanation about the product type, so then you might choose which one fit with your website category.

  1. Domain Validate (DV)

DV certificates utilized where the security protection is not a significant concern. You can use this for a website that not related to e-commerce, not involving any transaction, or not required a customer to login with meaningful personal data. A sample of website like this can be like article blogs, food recipes, calculations or conversion pages.One of SSL service from DigitalServer provides this DV certificate for one single domain just about 700 MXN per year. This DV becomes a preferred choice among other certificados ssl which performs you a static seal service for one domain

certificados ssl

  1. Organization Validate (OV)

OV certificates typically used by a public institution or e-commerce website where the organization is authenticated government’s business registry. This certificate contains all information requires for organization validation process such as the domain, company name, location, state, and country.

  1. Extended Validate (EV)

The last one is the most needed by the e-commerce site. This would establish the legal security of the website present. Not only that, this certificate enables the website owner identity authorization to check for a valid transaction. So imagine you want to purchase your favorite stuff, and you already choose it online, surely you want to select from the one you trust. This is the reason why this is become so important to carry out a validation to an organization that sells your favorite product. The validation process will ensure you order the product from an authorized and trusted seller. SSL services on DigitalServer provide this certificate with only 9,500 MXN per year for Norton seal and 10,500 per year for a dynamic seal.

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