Confused in Life about someone- Try Lie Detection Test

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Very often during life we encounter a confused state and we rack our brain to know whether the person in front of you is honest with his/her answers or is he merely acting. This may be in the cases of investigation, job interviews, criminal cases or why it may be a personal issue with your fiancé. All this nerve racking situation may come to an end with a test based on scientifically proven analysis call the Polygraph or LIE-DETECTION TEST. Visit for more knowhow.

What is the LIE-Detection Test?: is a measure and analysis of a certain human body’s physiological responses to a certain set of calculated questions where the subject has no control on. These physiological indices may measure his breath, blood pressure, pulse and sweat production. Thesemust be calculated by a well-trained examiner usually called a forensic psychophysiologist (FP)who is certified, capable and experienced professional in psychology and physiology of human behavior and analyses deceptive behavior from the test conducted.

How is The Test conducted?:A Lie- Detector Test usually consists of 3parts: A pre-test interview, Actual polygraph with question and answer session where the suspect is connected to the machine and the data analysis and chart reviews where the result is determined by the FP.

What does a Lie-Detecting Machine contain?: A polygraph instrument consists of 3 main components:

  • A Pneumograph: This component measures the rate of respiration or breathing of the subject or person of interest with the help of two tubes connected to his torso.
  • A Cardio-Syphygmograph: Thepressure cuffs are attached around the brachial artery in upper arm which measure’s once blood pressure rate, cardio-vascular activity and blood volume.
  • A Galvanometer: These are also called fingerplates which are attached to the fingertips of subject. Finger tips of a person are the most porous parts ideal for measuring the sweat gland activity which is also used as another index of this test.

The measures and data collected from the analog polygraphs are digitalized now with sophisticated computers so that the results can be easily achieved. There is a 7-position numerical analysis conducted which is compared with the pre-test control measuresin terms of amplitude, frequency, duration and baseline ofeach spot and results are gauged.If thetotal score in all channelsis +6 or more then there is no deceptive behavior but if there is -6 or less then there is a positive deceptive behavior in the subject. Lot more information can be read on the website It is the go to website for any information on this test.

Contrary theories: In spite of its huge success, there are psychologists who believe that the results are not accurate. For example a hyper sensitive person can be over anxious during the test and might be found guilty although he or she is ignorant. Similarly a person found guilty may be extra cautious and does not allow any symptoms of anxiety show in the test.

Science and innovation through polygraph tests help us to improve the quality of our life by differentiating truth and falsehood.

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