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You have visited the right place for cyber security services as Blackpanda unambiguously manages post-breach losses by providing preserved and on-demand fantastic incident response services from the multidisciplinary regional responder. By addressing the best pain points of a cybersecurity breach.

Their proprietary risk analysis and cyber security incident response services codes permit their specialists to reply faster and additional expeditiously. With the full support from their next generation voice stress analysis technology, to each eradicate malware and uproot internal human threats.

Know about the local responders

Blackpanda deploys extremely trained groups of cybersecurity incident response specialists throughout APAC. With the native linguistic and cultural understanding necessary to manage a crisis. They are ready to activate each remote and on-site responders for quick and economical boots on the bottom.

The hyper-specialization by blackpanda

Their main focus is in the wide and 10 miles deep, completely within the niche of cybersecurity digital forensics and incident response. Their all responders bring specialized expertise and frequently train on a variety of incidents together with ransomware and negotiation, maritime response, and operational technology.

The military exactitude

Their dedicated team consists of the elite cadre of cyber risk and security consultants from military U. S. Army Special Forces, intelligence, forensics, and enforcement backgrounds. Their military origins drive their culture of economical operational processes, precise delivery of high-quality cyber security services hong kong, and consistent responsiveness. They tend to bring their lessons from the tract onto the board space.

What is an incident response by Blackpanda?

The Blackpanda DFIR staff is comprised of a talented set of practitioners who are extremely older and well-trained in crisis management. The staff follows procedures developed by Blackpanda, supported a mix of business fantastic practices that are SANS, NIST, ISO, and therefore the needs of their specific tools and capabilities.

You can easily contact Blackpanda as they are available 24/7. You can also submit to Blackpanda the incident data-ingestion type continue to monitor the incident for further developments Black panda can, at intervals four hours. Acknowledge the notification and then they respond

Within a time frame of 4–24 hours they determine the validity and severity of the event. By beginning a knowledge assortment within forty-eight hours, they conduct a preliminary analysis and define the scope and assign roles. Communication set up of action begin containment & rectification. Then by containing, eradicating and then recovering. Beyond the forty-eight hours, they contain or quarantine the incident and conduct a root cause analysis. The extended rectification recovers lost knowledge if it can be possible

Assist in restoring business procedures to traditional and submit an initial assessment report. In the end, a final report covering is created for the cause of the breach, methodology used, remediating actions, and recommendations for any improvement of security services.

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