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With its colossal customer base spread across the length and breadth of India, today Airtel is the industry leader in the mobile network service industry. The story of Airtel is as old as the mobile industry is in India. Ever since mobile came into use in India, customers already had the option for Airtel Recharge. Today, same Airtel has diversified with much stronger customer base and a huge market share.

When it started, the cost of mobile calls were sky rocketing and recharging was a nightmare for many living in remote locations, in many cases even for the city residents. People use to wait in queues to buy recharge cards, which were available only in selected outlets. It was a pain indeed, but then the joy of talking to near and dear ones anytime and from anywhere that mobile gave us converted every pain to pleasure. And the chatterboxes made sure that their phones never went penniless. It was a boon for those who were staying away from parents and family. It was a new lease of life for them. It was no more standing in queue in phone booths. It slowly faded away. Though mobile recharge seemed a daunting task for non availability of easy recharge cards, all those who owned mobile phones ensured their phones are recharged before the validity date expired.

With the growth in the mobile technology in the recent few years, the fast and most advanced Airtel online recharge service of Airtel became one of the most gratifying reasons to continue as Airtel customer for the existing customers. The transformation waves in Airtel attracted a large section of non Airtel mobile users towards Airtel online recharge options that offers easy, quick and safe recharges online. Irrespective of who is your service provider, you can use Airtel online recharge to recharge your mobile phones, DTH and datacards. The process is so simple and easy that you can recharge your phone, DTH and data cards online from anywhere and anytime. Gone are those days when you had to stand in queues or go to market to get your online devices recharged. Now, you can do it from the comfort of your home or office or any place where the need arises or where you find comfortable.

All you have to do is either sign up with the Airtel payment app or simply make payments as a guest. You will require instant passwords or OTPs along with a user ID to login and avail the services. Few simple steps and your will be there. You will have to enter your name, email, phone/DTH/data card number that you want to recharge and choose the payment option that you are comfortable with. You can also use mobile wallets like QuickPay, PhonePe, Paytm, Airtel Money, Mobikwik, and their likes to make easy and quick payments. Most of these online recharge platforms offers discounts, deals and cash back offers. So next time when you go recharging do not forget to avail these online discounts to make most out of the services.

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