Affordable RC planes found on the market

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The quickest means to get up in the air as a beginner is getting ready to fly (RTF) RC plane. They are mainly bought online or local stores, packaged in a box ready to fly. You only have to charge batteries and bind the receiver to the transmitter.

The newest technology introduced in the manufacture of best beginner RC plane is SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope). It is mainly used as it gives a beginner pilot three options.  First, beginner mode assists you to limit pitch attitude of the plane and a self-levelling feature that moderates plane levels once transmitter sticks are put back to their neutral positions.

 Secondly, there is the intermediate mode that replaces the self-levelling mode and decreases pitch attitude restrictions. Finally, the experienced mode is used to turn off all the controls and allows the plane to be flown normally.

Hobbyzone sports airplane

The SAFE controlled plane puts it under your control. It can be flown in windy areas without losing its balance. In moments where you lose your control over the plane, a trigger placed on the transmitter assists you in gaining it back. Hobby zone plane has four channel control namely; rudder, elevator, throttle and ailerons.

Top Race airplane

This is a fully assembled plane where only you as a user is required to load up the batteries for full operations. It has three control channels that include; throttle, rudder and elevator, for increased maneuverability. The plane has advantages that increase its preference; long-lasting battery life of fifteen minutes, amazing gliding function, lightweight to carry around. However, its light weight makes it prone to damages during windy sessions on flying.

Funtech 3 airplane

This is one of the best beginner RC planes, already assembled, you don’t need any manual to direct you on parts integration. It is flown both indoors and outdoors as its infrared remote control assists in the maneuver. Foam material used to make its body is unbreakable, hard to bend and crash. Though its light weight is prone to get damaged by windy environments, it is a great plane for beginners.

Wltoys F959 SKY-King 2.4 GHz 3 Rc plane

This is a great plane with three channel pusher glider on the back that helps in smooth and organized flight. It is made of EPO material resistant to crashes, easy to operate; also it can perform three hundred and sixty degrees (360) stunts and foldable propeller used for gliding.

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