A Guide to Knowing When An App is Safe to Install

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With the increased accessibility of smartphones, there is no surprise that mobile app downloads have grown exponentially. A big force for app consumption is its availability on both App Store (for Apple users) and the Play Store (for Android users). On top of that, downloading is easy – even young children can do it.

However, everyone needs to know that not all apps are safe to install. In fact, even the most reputable app stores cannot guarantee that every app is safe to install. It is up to the consumers to mitigate the risk. Keep in mind that your smartphone contains massive amounts of personal information.

Apps could contain malware that can encourage malicious activities. Basically, there are apps that will tap into your phone and steal valuable data. It might freak you out but your phone could be used for evil intents. With this, it is crucial that you know about app security. To start, here’s a guide to knowing when an app is safe to install:

Know the source
The safest thing to do is to download from reputable markets. Steering through today’s open mobile environment is not easy. It is consumed by a prevalent lack of law and order. When you are downloading from an app store, it is common to bump into third-party apps.

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Avoid downloading apps thoughtlessly. Instead, you should take the time to know the source. You have to understand that the add marketplace offers first-party apps and third-party apps. First-party apps refer to apps that are made by your phone manufacturer while third-party apps refer to apps made by someone. First-party apps can provide you with added layers of security.

Determine if the marketplace is trustworthy
The next thing that you should do is to determine if the marketplace is trustworthy. There are some attributes that you should look for when determining the marketplace safety.

You should check the terms of service. It should be well developed. Additionally, you should clear contact information and there should be a troubleshooting FAQ. On top of that, the developer should have strict app criteria.

Check the vendor or developer
You should also check download apk games or vendor before installing an app. Vendor refers to the entity that supplies the app to the consumers. The vendor details are found at the bottom of the apps page in the Play Store. If there is no link, you should look it up in a search engine. As a consumer, you should do your own homework. Do not worry because reputable app developers or vendors are easy to research.

Inspect the permissions
Keep in mind that apps should not have too many authorizations or permissions. It doesn’t matter how many permission they have. The only thing that matters is if they have the appropriate one. Be wary of phone call log, access to messages and other personal information permissions.

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