4 types of data rooms – Choose the reliable one

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To explain it with scenario about what is data room, it is an agent to keep up data of another organization. Organizations cannot hold huge data with their huge human power. To manage the infinite data, each organization should maintain a separate team. This will get huge resource from that firm. To be smart, companies look for the third party resource who can maintain their data. It will help in making the reliable service in its reach. Third party resource selection should be made with huge constraints. The constraints are taken into consideration over DR considerations. The standards found within DR selection are

  • Basic site infrastructure – It gives only a limited protection and it is against the physical event rate. The capacity to get through each of this action is non-redundant. The components get through every single distribution in its path.
  • Redundant capacity component site infrastructure – Data room offers improve protection and it is against the events. The structure is always redundant with non-redundant distribution path.
  • Concurrent maintainable site infrastructure – This kind of DR will protect against virtual maintenance with redundant capacity components distributed. This also works without any disrupting services to end users.
  • Fault-tolerant site infrastructure – Data room is enabling highest level of service and its fault tolerance is redundant towards each capacity within its installation that does not cause downtime.


As the aforementioned are just the infrastructure, this Data room is categorized into 4 major types. They are

  • Enterprise data room – Enterprise data room is built to operate for and within companies. This is optimized by end users. It is mostly housed to corporate within each campus.
  • Managed services data room – This DR is one that is managed by third party on behalf of the company. The service is leased by company instead of buying it.
  • Colocation data room – The Company rents space within the hosted space and include bandwidth security to manage servers and storage space.
  • Cloud data room – This is the cloud based system which does not have any physical center. Its components are held within virtual state. Data center includes a number of future network selection and operate over the future being of those companies


Types of DR may be differentiated to four but most of the companies rely on cloud due to its reliability and scalability. The proper result is experienced through this kind of hosted network.

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