Knows the Process of Design Thinking at B2t Training

Process of Design Thinking at B2t Training

Are you interested in joining the design thinking for innovation? Then you can join the classes at an online platform at B2T Training. This platform offers a tailored course program according to the client’s requirements. Their course can be attended by any person who includes the beginner, fresher, experienced designer and non-experienced designer. In this course, the designer will learn the design thinking process, steps which are used in the problem-solving. At the B2T training platform student will learn how to apply the techniques of the design thinking in the project and workshop.

  • Comprehension: At the first stage of design thinking, you have to gather the information and understand the problem which you are trying to get the solution. In this stage you have observed, engage with the expert people to gather their knowledge which motivates you to solve the problem which is frustrating you. It all depends on the information which you gather in this stage, and you want to solve the problem. At this point, you have to develop an understanding of the user and their needs for solving their problem for the particular product.
  • Ideation: In the next stage the professional designer will start developing the ideas. The designer must know the requirements of the user information and analysis the information for providing the solution to the problem. With the help of your organization team, you can think about the possible ideas and solution for the problem which is needed by the user. There are plenty of techniques which you can use in the ideation which includes the Brainwrite, Worst possible ideas, SCAMPER and Brainstorm, etc. The technique of the worst possible ideas and Brainstorm session are usually used for free thinking and increase the space for the problem.

Process of Design Thinking at B2t Training

  • Prototype: The professional team of designer now will produce the ideas and investigate the solutions of the problems which is generated in the previous step. The technique of prototype will be investigated with the teams of the designer by themselves, in small groups and people who not belong to the team of the designers. This stage is the experimental step which is to identify the problem solution which is developed in the two stages of the design thinking process. The solution which is made by the designer will be implementing one by one in the prototype.
  • Evaluation: Once the above three stages are completed, then at the end of design thinking for innovation designer team and test team will evaluate the product by using the possible solution which they get in the prototype phase of the stage. This is the final stage of the design thinking process which gives the solution to your problem.

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